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LUV-5, Jamesville, , United States
Jeg er en: Jente
Age: 37 | View biorythm
Location: Jamesville, North Carolina, United States
Last Activity: 13-08-19

Om LUV-5
Income: $30,000-$50,000
Religion: Mormon/LDS
Status: Never married
Barn: I don't want kids
Røyker: Sometimes
Drikker: Not a drinker
Career: Human Resources
Utdanning: Associate's degree
Høyde: 160 cm
Vekt: 61 kg
Kroppstype: Athletic
Hårfarge: Black
Øyenfarge: Brown
Other information
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
First date: Meet the parents
Live where: On a yacht
Living with: With my kids
Appearance: Over gjennomsnittet
Age preference: Someone younger
Level of faith: I believe, but I rarely go to services
Spending habits: My credit is maxed out
Humor: I am not funny