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Vendor FAQs

Become a Top Seller on InSafe

The InSafe Marketplace will provide you with a personalized experience that allows like-minded vendors to support each other and to grow together as a community of female founders and creators. The e-commerce site will feature an array of products and gift ideas from various parts of the world — providing small business owners with access to a global audience. We have adjusted the vendor membership plan to reflect a 25% discount across all the merchant plans for a limited time only.

We look forward to you joining us on this new chapter for the Global Connections for Women Foundation. Through your collaboration, we will continue to provide more empowerment opportunities, increase sales, and expand your customer’s reach — as well as create a strong support network for women entrepreneurs worldwide.

How do I get started?

Once your vendor membership is confirmed. Email notification will be provided with access to the vendor in-take form, which will allow you to submit and your product details and/or work with our Ecommerce Manager to get setup. A Vendor Dashboard and Circle Membership Access will also be provided. Finally, you will be assigned analytics reports to view your sales and refund history.

How will the sales transactions be managed?

We will process all sales transactions directly to your bank between 14 days and 30 days of product delivery confirmation and with no outstanding refund request.

When do I start to get charged?

Once you have selected a vendor membership plan, you will be billed accordingly i.e. monthly, every 3 months and every 12months.

Will have access to support?

Yes, if you have any questions at all, please send all your inquiries to our eCommerce managers at, and they will respond promptly.

How do I know when a product is being purchase?

When a customer buys your product, a notification is will be sent to your email, and you manage all the transactions thereafter. Sellers select their own payment options within the Marketplace Dashboard. The payments will be released to your respective accounts within a 7-15days period.

Is there any other perks to selling on InSAfe marketplace?

The vendors on the InSAfe marketplace are supported by of people that belives  on their business. Vendors will be given PR and Marketing support to expand their customer reach and build their brand.

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