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Xiaomi Urevo U1 Smart Walking Machine


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UREVO U1 walkway –it's time to shake those extra pounds! it's time to shake those extra pounds!
In times of quarantine and self-isolation, it is very easy to gain weight.One of the ways to combat this problem is to work with home trainers.Such as, for example, the UREVO U1 walking path.
The walking treadmill is quite wide – the overall dimensions of its running belt are 120×42 cm.
Maximum load – 90 kg.

Walking Treadmill U1
Keep Fit | Enjoy Life
Walking to keep fit and enjoy life batter
Walking to keep fit anytime
1. Take a walk in the morning after meal, or before bedtime.
2. Stretch in the office, and walk up in any spare time, making exercises part of your daily routine.
Innovative integrated frame design. Significantly reduce vibration noise
The creative use of integrated frame design, parts and components effectively reduce the resonance generated during movement, and significantly reduce the noise.
Never disturb the neighbor downstairs
The noise of maximum speed is less than 62 decibels, You don't have to worry about disturbing family and neighbors even when you exercise during min-night.
7 Safe Protections. Protect your whole family when exercising
In addition to rigorous testing and verification of every detail, we also added seven protections for your safety, so that every user can enjoy a safe and relaxing walking experience at home.
Simulate athletics running track. Walking more comfortable
In order to let you have a comfortable walking experience, we use a five-layer diamond pattern composite running belt. Each layer is
carefully selected to simulate athletics running track.
Walking while watching TV Exercise without entertainment
Step on the walking treadmill, watch TV while walking, the whole family can exercise easily.
6.5cm slim design, easy to put under bed or sofa
Ultra-thin body, the thinnest part is only 6.5cm, it can be moved smoothly under the sofa or bed.
Walking with one button. Free-installation
•Integrated minimalist design
•Easy to operate
•No installation required
Walking with one button. Free-installation
•The treadmill motor provides more stable, strong and lasting power.
•The maximum speed can reach 6km/h.
Remote controlControl your speed as needed
Wireless hand-held remote control, 360-degree signal without shielding.
Large button operation, precise pressing. Speed walking, running, walking, three walking modes, control at any time.
LED HD Display. The exercise data are clearly visible
The LED display is integrated with the entire panel. No matter day or night, the data of speed, calorie consumption, distance and time are clearly visible.
Q: Do I need to assemble the treadmill?
A: No, don't need. Our treadmill is installation-free.
Q: How do I use the treadmill?
A: Power on and turn on the switch of the treadmill. Please pay attention not to jump on the treadmill / jump off the running belt during operation to avoid inertial damage.
Q: Can I run barefoot on the treadmill?
A: Please do not use the treadmill barefoot or wearing slippers, which may cause injury. It is recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes when running.
Q: How should I store the treadmill when it is not in use?
A: The foldable and compact treadmill can be placed under the sofa or bed, saving the floor space.
Q: Can I move the treadmill easily?
A: Yes, the built-in transport wheels allow you to move the treadmill effortlessly.
Q: Why is there a mark on the running belt?
A: It is the interface of the running belt, which is a normal manufacturing technique. It’s not a quality problem. Please feel relieved to use it.
Q: How to maintain the treadmill?
A: 1. Drop silicone oil into the oil filling hole regularly to ensure smooth running of the running belt. (Once every 2-3 months)
2. The running belt will shift to a certain extent after long-term use. Please adjust the running belt according to the instructions.
Q: How long is the warranty period of the treadmill?
A: The treadmill is guaranteed for one year.

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